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Webmasters have new technologies at their disposal which enable them to offer new services to past, current and future business clients.
In today's economy webmasters are continually looking for new clients and for various ways to keep revenue flowing into their business. Whether it's through the building of new websites or by providing website updating and marketing services etc., these services enable webmasters to survive in today's tough economy.
Fortunately, there's new technology that webmasters can offer as an additional and much needed service, to past, current and future clients. The new QR Code technology is growing fast in the United States and it's now being said that businesses not using QR Codes are falling behind competitors that are. This creates new opportunities for webmasters to increase their revenue stream. Businesses are continually looking for ways to attract new customers and now that all smartphones are being shipped with QR Code readers already installed, millions of smartphone users/potential buyers can now scan QR Codes in ads and purchase items directly from web pages without ever having to type a single URL. The new "Business Links QR Code" takes this technology to yet a whole new level. It enables smartphone users/buyers to not only see a particular ad posting a particular sale item or special offer, but buyers also see ADDITIONAL special offers, product showcases, business announcements and virtually EVERYWHERE that particular business exists on the internet, because the code links directly to the business's "Business Portal Page". The page also contains the "Business Links QR Code" for that business and it's automatically generated. This enables anyone who has reached that business's "Business Portal Page" via other methods, to also use their smartphone camera to scan the code and bookmark the page. Additionally, the embedded code on the page allows visitors to quickly share it with friends on several social media sites, giving it the ability to generate more revenue.

Webmasters can now provide NEW services to past, current and future clients, by offering to populate and continually update their "Business Portal Page" thus creating an additional revenue stream. When webmasters become affiliates of the new service, they can earn even more revenue in the form of recurring commissions that continue in perpetuity when their business clients upgrade to Premium membership level. And even more exciting is, when their business clients earn commissions as the sub-affiliates of webmasters, even more revenue is generated.

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