2 NEW Things EVERY Business Should Include In ALL Ads!

When retail businesses have special sales or special offers, the purpose is not only to get consumers to buy the item on sale or to take advantage of the special offer, but also to get potential buyers into their retail stores or to their website in order to promote other items consumers may not be aware of or have had any previous intentions of buying. The NEW Business Vanity Code and Business Links QR Code not only accomplish such results as special sales/offers, they also effectively help companies maximize advertising dollars and efforts. With that being said, EVERY business should include both codes when advertising.

When consumers enter a Business Vanity Code at faceuser.com or scan a Business Links QR Code in an ad with their smartphone, they are instantly taken to the advertiser's Business Portal Page where they can also see ALL main URLs the business has including other special offers, product showcases, business special announcements and all online areas of that particular business - ALL without ever having to type a single URL! Both codes are FREE to all businesses and help increase traffic and sales. And to top things off, when consumers use either of the above methods to visit a business's portal page, and then later sign up for Wemetcard Premium Membership services, due to the built-in tracking, that business then earns recurring commissions that continue in perpetuity! This means your business can earn revenue from consumers visiting your Business Portal Page, even if they never purchase your products! The Business Portal Page is also great to use as the return URL for business shopping carts after purchases are made.
Consumers can enter your Business Vanity Code at faceuser.com and smartphone users can scan your Business Links QR Code to be instantly taken to your Business Portal Page showing ALL your main business URLs, special offers, product showcases and business announcements! Businesses can post their FREE Codes in magazine and newspaper ads, on vouchers, flyers, business cards, postcards, sign posts, billboards, store and window displays, TV ads, PDFs, Word Docs, Social Media Business Pages and other locations.
Business Links QR Code
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Post links to Special Offers, Product Showcases and Business Announcements!
For further details visit: BusinessPortalPage.com