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When consumers become your "facebook followers", the connection is also announced on their facebook page and seen by many of their facebook friends. When they follow you on Twitter, they see your "tweets" when you update your Twitter page and their friends can see that they are following you. These connections can create lots of FREE advertising and new traffic for your business when their friends visit your web pages as a result of seeing their friend's connection with your business. Creating and publicizing your Business Vanity Code and Business Links QR Code not only enables consumers to instantly view ALL of your business URLs, it also gives them immediate access to ALL your social media pages. They can also instantly see your latest special offers, updates and announcements, and Like/Share your Business Portal Page with their friends. You can put your Codes in magazine and newspaper ads, on vouchers, flyers, business cards, postcards, sign posts, billboards, store and window displays, TV ads, PDFs, Word Docs, Social Media Business pages and other locations.
Business Vanity Codes are custom and unique to each business so create yours while it's still available!
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