Having a "Personal Contact Code" makes keeping in contact with classmates easier than ever before!

Reunion Committees can send an email to classmates letting them know about the "Personal Contact Code" service from Wemetcard.com! Classmates can now create their custom codes and then forward them to their reunion committees. Also, make a special announcement about the service and hand out flyers at your next class reunion or special event! Click here to download flyer!


Class Reunion Committees, never lose contact with classmates again!

The NEW Personal Contact Code service from Wemetcard.com, enables classmates to maintain contact with each other even if they relocate or change phone numbers and email addresses. Custom codes, can be created online and then forwarded to their reunion committees and also emailed to other classmates. Classmates can also update their online contact information anytime! Any reunion committee member that has outdated contact information for a classmate, can simply go to personalcontactcode.com, and enter their code to obtain current contact information. Committees can even use the affiliate system as a fundraiser and affiliate commissions that are automatically paid by the system, can be used as funds towards your next class reunion or special event!

Get started today as an Affiliate, and let your fellow classmates know about this great new service!

Click here to join our Affiliate Program!

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