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In an emergency, Doctors and Emergency Medical Personnel make crucial decisions about your medical treatment. These decisions are based on the best information available. Without reliable, detailed information, critical treatment may be delayed and this could mean the difference between life and death. With your Emergency Contact Code and EMI password shown on your EMI Card, there are no delays. Emergency Medical Personnel have immediate online access to your listed emergency contact(s) and secure password protected emergency medical information. Read alarming medical statistics.
Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Doctors, and other Healthcare Practitioners, can encourage patients to keep their contact information updated through the Emergency Contact Code Service, and to obtain an "Emergency Contact Code". This enables Health Care Providers to have the most current contact information for patients who use the service, and to reach relatives, friends, Caregivers and Doctors that have been listed as contacts in case of emergency. Patients can easily keep their contact information updated online! The service is FREE to all Healthcare Practitioners, Hospitals and Medical Facilities. Also, our customizable "Patient Incentive Form" can be downloaded, for in office and email distribution to patients.
Emergency Contact Information Service for Parents and Schools
The Emergency Contact Code Service, enables School Nurses, Teachers and Office Personnel, to quickly obtain current contact information, for immediately contacting parents regarding any emergency concerning a student. Parents, can use the "Parent Sign Up" link on the left, to register and create a Free Emergency Contact Code.
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