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Introducing the Wemetcard Affiliate Debit MasterCard!
The first Membership Debit MasterCard that gets funded automatically!
Our new style MasterCard is unique in that it gets funded by others rather than just yourself!
As a member, you get a free affiliate email link to tell others about the card and membership.
Affiliate sign up is also FREE!
When anyone you tell signs up for membership and to receive the card, your affiliate account gets
funded immediately and those funds are automatically loaded onto your card every 30 days.
The more people you tell, the more funds you receive! Funds are recurring
and continue for life!
  • No credit check – automatic approval
  • Affiliate payments are automatically deposited onto your card
  • No need to cash or deposit a check
  • No checking account is needed
  • Eliminates check cashing fees
  • Get cash worldwide anywhere debit MasterCard® cards are accepted
  • Card information and balance available online 24/7
Wemetcard members have automatic access to the entire Wemetcard Contact Services system, including the "Owner Contact Service" for getting back lost cell phones, keys, ipods, laptops, cameras and other items.
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