Wemetcard provides a suite of FREE very useful Contact Services for both the general public and businesses of all sizes. After an individual or company signs up to use our free services, they also see information regarding our specialized tags on their member Home page and are informed of their usefulness in helping to get lost items back FAST. Our FREE services for the general public can be viewed at: FreeContactServices.com and at the bottom of the page you'll find links to our Business Portal Page service (also accessible via BusinessPortalPage.com) and links to our other useful services for businesses. When businesses use our FREE Business Portal Page service, our ads also show on the top and right side of their page. Businesses have the option of upgrading to the monthly paid Premium service which includes an enhanced Business Portal Page Header with no ads, and they can choose to either not have our ads displayed on their page or have them show only on the right side of the page, and then receive membership and product commissions when our ads are clicked and people sign up and upgrade to Premium membership and purchase our products.

Our Owner Contact Service provides new and innovative high-tech tags which enable people and businesses to get lost items back very quickly using our specialized online owner search engine, toll free live operator assistance and our latest product called QuickFind Tags™, which enable anyone with a smartphone to simply scan an owner's tag with their phone and instantly see the owner's contact information show on their phone's screen. Every day, millions of people lose valuable items they own. Our tags are especially beneficial for placing on cell phones due to the fact that most smartphones now contain in addition to contacts, also valuable data, documents, paid apps, music files plus photos and videos that may be irreplaceable and not backed up remotely. They are also ideal for placing on laptops, ipods, ipads, tablets, cameras, key tags, golf clubs, sport bags, backpacks, luggage and many other items. In addition to being beneficial to the general public and businesses, our services are also designed to help schools and colleges return lost items to students via our online services at: StuffTags.com.

We are set to do marketing and promotion on a national scale via our Premium Whiteboard Animation video which will be placed into extensive social media and YouTube ad networks. Other marketing methods include our 4" x 9" promotional patron ad card distributed to businesses throughout the entire United States, along with various online banners and other ad types. Our Promotional Card for local patrons and website banners can be viewed at: Wemetcard.com/patron_samples

Our QuickFind Tags™ product can be purchased online at QuickFindTags.com or from the members area of our site and will also be available in major retail stores such as Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, T-mobile, Sprint, Verizon and many others. Our other tag products from the Stuff Tags™ line can also be purchased directly from the members area.

Our QuickFind TagsPartnership Program provides an additional revenue stream for all businesses, schools and colleges with lost and found departments. Standard businesses can benefit also. Details can be viewed at: LostandFoundServices.com and QuickFindTags.com/business_page.html



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