FREE QR Code "Buy Now" Graphic buttons for Business Ads
Create Paypal QR Code "Buy Now" Buttons for business print ads and more!
Smartphone users can scan your code and buy instantly!
Smartphone users can instantly buy products by scanning QR Code Buy Now buttons in books, magazines, newspapers, on vouchers, flyers, business cards, postcards, sign posts, billboards, window displays, in TV ads, PDFs, Word Docs, on Social Media Business pages and other locations!
Use the Paypal Hyperlink Generator below to first create your business Paypal payment hyperlink.
Then select the "URL" option from the Contents drop down menu below and paste your Paypal URL into the text box to create your QR Code Hyperlink graphic for your business ads.
Text SCAN to 43588 to get the FREE smartphone scanner app from to test your code.
You can also test your QR Code online at:
After creating your QR Code below, PC users Right click and Mac users Control click on image and select Save Image As to save graphic to your computer and then resize .png file for printing.